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Past Exhibit

Book Re-Views

September 2 – October 21

K-12 Exhibit Hall

Artwork by students in the Schack's Art Alternatives program

The "Book Re-views" exhibit in the Emerging Young Artists' Gallery features three of the seven books made since 2003 in the art classes that have been presented by the Schack Art Center at Denney Juvenile Justice Center since the early 1990's.

Between 5,000 and 10,000 copies of each of the seven books has been printed and distributed to ECEAP and other preschool and kindergarten programs mostly around Snohomish County. Occasionally, a few copies of these bilingual books have traveled to Spanish speaking foreign countries where they are given to young children. We have even heard of a college freshman presenting the book in Spanish as part of an end of the year enrichment challenge where the book met with great approval and enthusiasm from the professor and the other students.

We have kept the "Possible" theme for these collage style illustrated books because it relates well to the whole approach in these classes, which are rooted in nurturing hope and growth in our student artists. The book project gives these youth an opportunity to collaborate in a valuable creative process with a tangible outcome that benefits their community. Wonderful discussions happen as the theme, title, text and illustration ideas are explored in classes.  An awareness of what is meaningful and valuable to the books' intended preschool and kindergarten audiences grows also as ideas for presentation are considered.   

Schack art classes currently take place within the Detention Alternative and Youth Enrichment Services at Denney where youth can have an experience that may help divert them from further involvement with the justice system.

The Program Director for the Schack classes is Henri Wilson, who was assisted this past year by Pat Nostrand, Mary Peterson, and Sarah Estes.

Copies of the books are available in the Schack's Gift Shop with proceeds benefiting the art classes.