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Past Exhibit

Holiday Exhibit 2019

November 14 – January 4

Main Gallery

featuring the Colored Pencil Society of America

Schack Art Center's annual Holiday Exhibit featuring the Colored Pencil Society of America, as well as glass and pottery and much more from over 70 regional artists.

Opening reception: November 21, 5-8pm

This exhibit sponsored by Rubatino Refuse Removal Inc.

No longer a sketching tool, the colored pencil has come into its own. Viewers of works in this medium frequently proclaim, "I can't believe it's colored pencil!" The wax or oil based pencil can achieve the painterly effects of oil, airbrush, watercolor or pastel.

Colored pencils come in sets of up to 120 different colors. Most types do not erase well; a variety of creative techniques are used to remove unwanted pigment from the paper. The colors are applied in layers, and being transparent, allow previous layers to show through. The paper or other working surface becomes the palette. It is not unusual to apply as many as 15 layers in the mixing process. This, not surprisingly, can take a long time. While some artists work more quickly than others, some spend over 100 hours on a piece. It is also not unusual for artists to combine colored pencils with other mediums such as watercolor, ink or pastel.

In addition to standard drawing techniques, colored pencil artists employ a variety of techniques to get the results they want such as:

Light Touch: Applying pencils lightly, allowing the texture of the paper to show through.

Burnishing: The forceful flattening of the paper by pencil or tool to create a smooth, solid layer of color.

Impressed Line: An indentation of lines into the paper using a variety of hard tools.

Sgraffito: The intentional scraping off of color from the surface of the paper.

Frottage: The rubbing of pigment over a raised surface to create interesting patterns.

Solvents: Dissolving the binder in the pencils, allowing the colors to run together. Water soluble colored pencils are used for a similar effect.

About the Colored Pencil Society of America

Founded in 1990 as a nonprofit organization dedicated to the promotion of colored pencil art and artists, the international CPSA is comprised of 22 district chapters across the United States, and numerous artists worldwide. The Seattle District Chapter 207 is a supportive network of artists who have informative programs and demonstrations, meeting on the 2nd Saturdays of odd numbered months. This chapter sponsors regional shows, and hosted the annual CPSA International Exhibition in 2008 and 2016. In 2011, the chapter celebrated its twentieth year with a large juried regional show.

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Participating Colored Pencil Artists: Diane Masek-Blow, Jan Fagan, Pamela Belcher, Jeffrey Marks, Karen L Smith, Mike Flynn, Elizabeth Kincaid, Jennie Rogers, Heidi J Klippert Lindberg, Keith Artz, Carol Miller, Paula Parks, Michaelinda Kaestner, Mary Ritchie, Martha Rogers, Mary Foote, Judy Moritz, Maureen Mitchell, Trudy Rolla, Margaret Trent, John A. Ursillo, Sheila Theodoratos, Rhonda Dicksion, Linda H. Clark, Pam Gassman, Rhonda Gardner, Deanna Hirota, Eric Turner, David Kurle, Kristen Doty, and Jeanne Bates.

About the 3-D Artists

The 3-D artists featured in the show come from all around the area including artists from Snohomish, King and Island counties. 

2019 3-D Holiday Show participants include: Mike O'Day, Teresa Dickey, Gale Johansen, Lora Martini, Beth Taylor, Adriana Mannion, Sisters Grimm, Carol Olsen, Steve Jensen, Staci Adman, Edlee Quesnell, Emily Mallory, Shannon Hoffman, Laura J Elmore, Marilyn Tuohy, Amy Slater, Linda Lenhardt, Dana Butler, Jeanne Gardner, Jennifer Stensland, Tammi Sloan, Krystal Munday, Barbara Osborne,Martha Soriano,Susanne Wilson, Bob Gottwald, Kimberly Winfrey, Steph Mader, Krista Quinby, Michele Kim, Erica Knapp, Joni Johnson, Jean Shaffer, Barbara Childs, Sabrina Qualley, Gary Berg, Jill Whitmore, Luna Park, Debbie Mccoy, Julie Prather, Yiota Georgas, Evan Miller, Alan Smith, Kathryn Edens, Jamie Olsen, Chris Wooten, Lori & Joel Soderberg, Karen Guzak, Carol Austin, Michaellyn Garcia, Terry R Frederick, Barry Mcalister, Christopher Morrison, Monica Guerrero, Candice Sterling, Ursula Burnham, Tatyana Brown, Alan Newberg, Dan & Joi Lachaussee, Krista Lutz, Roxy Gessler, Josey Wise, Caroline Sumpter, Jessica Wilkinson, Diane Hansen, Jen Elek, Jeremy Bertand, Cynthia Jenkins, Kathy leReue, and Debbie Drake.