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Past Exhibit

Pets on Parade

March 7 – April 13

Main Gallery

This exhibit is a playful tribute to pets through the eyes of the artists who love them.

If you have ever loved a pet, you won't want to miss this mixed-media event. Over forty artists will exhibit photography, oils, acrylics, ceramics, prints, recycled sculpture, and much more.

Leashes, collars, beds, toys, and food will be collected to benefit N.O.A.H and the Everett Animal Shelter during the exhibit.

Participating artists: Brooke Borcherding, Sandi Bransford, April Brauneis, Monica Bretherton, Jean Burnett, Erika Bruss, Dana Butler, Dedrian Clark, Rod Countryman, Sarah Crumb, Sarah Dalton, Carol Dillon, Cindy Fankhauser, Ellen Felsenthal, Barbara Freeman, Johanne Friedrichs, Babs Fulton, Audrey Funk, Richard S. Davis, Gary Giovane, Tom Guffey, Janet Hamilton, Karen Hanrahan, Christina Harvey, Fran Holt, Susie Howell, Lyussy Hyder, Cheryl A. Hufnagel, Eve Ingraham, Irena Jablonski, Steve Jensen, Gale Johansen, Bonnie Johnson, Ken Ketchum, Eric and Lori Knight, Lisa Snow Lady, Jennifer Lommers, Kelly Lyles, Pamela Lustig, Janci Mannington, Jodie Masiwchuk, Lynnea Mattson, Patricia McNamee, Elena Naskova, Mike O’Day, Laurie Olsen, Jason Otto, Joan Pinney, Kathy Raplee, Jamie Rawding, Nancy Richards, Jonette Ryan, Sherry Scharschmidt, Marcel Schwarb, Gretchen Shepherd, Amy Slater, Lori and Joel Soderberg, Terry Sonmore, Martha Soriano, Pat Smith, Rick Tuthill, Leah Welch, Kristen Wickersham, Deborah Wieditz, Josey Wise, Mary Ellen Wood, Zoee Xiao, Rainny Zhao, Todd Horton, Jack Gunter, Tim Lord, and Justin Bergevin