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Past Exhibit

Pilchuck Prints

October 6 – November 5

Lauren Grossman, Pretty, 2013

Pilchuck Prints, curated by Tina Aufiero, Artistic Director at Pilchuck Glass School (PGS), will feature 21 prints created by high profile glass artists in the PGS Print Shop such as Lino Tagliapietra, Cappy Thompson, Dick Weiss and Walt Lieberman.

Printmaking with glass plates was introduced to PGS in the 1980's. Artists such as Harvey Littleton and Elizabeth Tapper have been credited with what has become a legacy studio on campus, the Pilchuck Print Shop.

Pilchuck Glass School known for forging relations with artists to further the use of glass as a medium, easily found that they could adopt techniques from other print disciplines, creating applications unique to transferring images from glass plates.

In 1990 Elizabeth Tapper officially started the Pilchuck Print Shop with the acquisition of press. Today, the print shop features a full-sized press for making prints from glass plates. This process is called vitreography (vi-tree-ah-gra-fee). Artists apply ink to the glass plate with brushes, rollers, stencils, or even their hands. The plate is then run through the press to create a one-of-a-kind print on paper (monoprint). Glass plates may also be etched, engraved, scratched, or sandblasted to create a series of prints.