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Past Exhibit

Schack Spotlight: Colleen Wootton

November 18 – January 4

Join us for this monthly interview series as we shine a light on a select artist currently featured in our Gallery or Gallery Store. This month, we speak with Colleen Wootton, a quilter featured in our Little/BIG exhibit

Schack Art Center: Can you please tell us a bit about your background/training and how you came to be an artist? 

CW: I grew up in an artistic, encouraging family, and when I was seven I was given my first sewing machine – this started my love of textiles. In school I took art classes and learned how to draw and draft, and later attended the Art Center College of Design in California. For almost 50 years I worked in Advertising and Graphic Design in corporate America. When I retired, not knowing what I was going to fill my time with, I decided to go to the University of Washington and broaden my artistic abilities in their Fiber Art program. This was exactly what I needed, to go back to my roots creating in fiber and fabric. But how could I include my acquired computer art skills with this? That was my new challenge.

            Eventually, I found that by using creative applications, I could develop designs on my computer, have them custom printed on fabric and use stitching to enhance the fabric surface.


SAC: What is your favorite medium to work with?

CW: Through a lifetime of working with textiles I have developed a passion for the tactile nature of this medium, and am still intrigued by the flexibility of woven fabric.


SAC: What are some things that inspire you?

CW: I draw inspiration from mid-century modern design and from the clarity of line work by color field painters like Gene Davis, Frank Stella and Ellsworth Kelly.


SAC: What is one piece of artwork you are particularly proud of?

CW: “Bull’s Eye 1” is one of my favorite pieces, it was the first large scale piece in my Target series, it first hung in a show at Schack Art Center in 2013. The simple design attracts you form a distance, then on closer inspection the extensive quilting on the surface pulls you into its complexity.


SAC: How can our patrons connect with you and find more about your work?

CW: You can see more at my website here.


SAC: Is there anything else you would like Schack Patrons to know about you and your work? 

CW: I attended the Art Center College of Design in California, earning my BFA in Graphic Design and Packaging. Living most of my life in California where I raise my family, and had a carrier in graphic design and as a creative director for several Fortune 500 companies. Now retired, my husband and I have lived for over 20 years on Whidbey Island in Washington’s Puget Sound.

Newport Blue by Colleen Wootton


Lines through the Light by Colleen Wootton


Radiance by Colleen Wootton