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Past Exhibit

Schack Spotlight: Nico Inzerella

October 18 – November 18

Join us for this monthly interview series as we shine a light on a select artist currently featured in our Gallery or Gallery Store. This month, we speak with Nico Inzerella.


Mi Pueblo Mi Gente Mi Vida by Nico Inzerella, wheat paste on wood panel, block print, oil, latex, original photo taken in Guatemala

Nico's piece, Mi Pueblo Mi Gente Mi Vida, is currently on display in our Main Gallery as part of our Schacktoberfest exhibit.

Schack Art Center: Can you please tell us a bit about your background/training and how you came to be an artist? 
Nico Inzerella: While in high school I used to get into my mom's arts and crafts supplies and those were my first attempts at art. After high school, I moved to Bellingham to be a ski bum but decided to go to college and took a bunch of art classes. I ended up getting into Western Washington University's school of art and wanted to major in painting but decided to get a degree in graphic design/ new media. After college I started to live/travel and study street art mostly in Oaxaca, Mexico but I have also traveled and lived throughout Central America and Mexico. I'm now a web developer for North Seattle College, South Seattle College, and Seattle Central College. I also teach Photoshop, videography, and fine art at North Seattle College.  
SAC: What is your favorite medium to work with?
NI: Wheat-pasted photographs I took while living abroad. The process of creating block prints is very appealing to me and I carve prints for my artwork.  
SAC: What are some things that inspire you?
NI: Street art in Oaxaca City also I find the mountains inspirational.  Swoon's art
SAC: What is one piece of artwork you are particularly proud of?
NI: I think it was a piece that I submitted to a juried show at Schack, a few years back, that I received an honorable mention for this piece
SAC: How can our patrons connect with you and find more about your work?
NI: Website is here, IG:@chicanoart206, Facebook page here
SAC: Is there anything else you would like Schack Patrons to know about you and your work? 
NI: I'm a Mexican American artist. Preserving my family's culture is important to me and I do this through my art. Over the past 20 years, I've lived and traveled extensively throughout Mexico, Central, and South America taking thousands of photos. I combine collage, photography, fine art, and graphic arts to create my final pieces. 
When I'm not making art, I like to enjoy my family (wife, 2 small children, and a cat) riding mountain bikes, snowboarding, surfing, skydiving, cooking, playing guitar, and practicing yoga. 

Itza by Nico Inzerella, wheat paste on wood panel, oil latex, original photo

Crates by Nico Inzerella, wheat paste on wood panel, oil latex, original photo

Banner image: al Mercado by Nico Inzerella