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Past Exhibit

Skagit Women Print

January 7 – February 4

Last week! Ends Thurs. 2/4

Home, Kristin Loffer Theiss

Eighteen artists who live or work throughout the Skagit Valley have joined together to produce a suite of original prints for Skagit Women Print. CLICK HERE to view the suite on our Facebook page.

The 18 contributors to Skagit Women Print include printmakers and painters, as well as poets, photographers and ceramic artists. Each artist produced an edition of 25 prints, drawing from a range of printmaking methods, including linoleum block, wood block, solar plate etching, vitreograph, mezzotint, chine colle and serigraph. The theme of the prints reflects on how the Skagit Valley influences each artist's work or life.

In addition to the orginal suite of 18, the Schack exhibit will feature works by friends of Skagit Women Print and curated by Natalie Nilblack.

Skagit Women Print artists: Jane Alynn, Jean Behnke, Eve Deisher, Heidi Epstein, Kathleen Faulkner, Jules Remedios Faye, Jessica Gigot, Kathryn Glowen, Nicolette Harrington, Theodora Jonsson, Ellen Jane Michael, Kris Ekstrand Molesworth, Natalie Niblack, Ann Chadwick Reid, Sue Roberts, Stella Spring, Twila Tate and Kristin Loffer Theiss

About the Skagit Women Print Project:

"The purpose of this project is to generate a suite of prints created by these women responding to the experience of living and creating here. In Skagit Valley, it is easy to be seduced by the incredible beauty, and overlook the intrusions of how human habitation has manipulated that beauty to suit our needs. In a part wild, part artificial landscape, the temptation is to put blinders on and only see the blue heron in flight, while ignoring the diked and dammed river. We love Skagit Valley, both the wild and the man made. This suite of prints will explore those contradictions and complex pressures through the eyes of women who live here."

- Natalie Niblack