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Past Exhibit

Solitude: Reflections of the Year 2020 from Jack Gunter

January 15 – February 4

 A self taught artist using the ancient technique of egg tempera painting, Jack Gunter's paintings explore thoughts, feelings, and emotions from a year spent in solitude during the Coronavirus pandemic. 

Pieces are for sale, unless otherwise marked. Please visit, call or email to purchase. 

Artist Statement

Eight months alone in a six hundred square foot cabin. Death waits breathlessly outside, calling me out to play. Mother’s Day Studio Tour cancelled. Gallery closed. Doctor says, quit drinking. Mailing my love in on the cellphone. I had the best and most productive year in my life. Ideas erupted from a quiet contemplative brain. I had time to see them all come to life. The result is, SOLITUDE 2020. Here’s how it began: so I’m sitting quietly in my cabin, February 2020. Plenty of food and nowhere i have to be. Thinking about the year when dear ones left the planet alone, in isolation, with no fanfare.

One day a friend asks, have you heard from Jack? No. He died, you know. Not Jack; he can’t be dead; he keeps us smiling down here on the south end.

I pulled out a sketch pad and drew a folk art sheep down at the end of a tree lined road, his friends, also sheep, standing in a line in the foreground. The distant sheep does a little jig. I named the sketch, “Life of the party.” With the message behind it I gave the sketch a voice. No sad, reflective. Then i drew another, and then sixteen more, as examples of today’s thoughts filled the notebook. In the state of complete peace, the thoughts turned into simple line on a page. Sumi paintings disguised as drawings. Each sketch that day turned into paintings, and a series based on solitude blossomed into a year of inspiration and a series of paintings with voices.

About Jack Gunter

Jack Gunter is an iconic south Camano Island artist, author and filmmaker who is both unique and diverse. He has operated galleries and studios, perpetrated art happenings, taught junior high school science, penned numerous works of fiction and documented Stanwood/Camano/Mount Vernon history, fictionally and otherwise, for decades. His work has been exhibited and collected extensively throughout the United States and as far away as Russia. He currently runs the Jack Gunter Fine Art Gallery on Camano while working on new paintings, films and his memoirs. Jack was honored as the Arts Council of Snohomish County’s Artist of the Year for 1996.

Banner image: Big Kalakala by Jack Gunter