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Past Exhibit

Trail of Cedar, Stone & Canvas

April 24 – June 3

Main Gallery

Sponsored by The Boeing Company

Opening Reception April 24, 5-8pm

  • Reception will feature a performance by "Git-Hoan" (People of Salmon) Native Dance Group at 6:30pm.
  • Gene Jones the hereditary Chief of the S'Kallam people will open the exhibit with a blessing.
  • And, special thank you to Ivar's for providing clam chowder during the opening reception.

This exhibit pays tribute to the NW Coast First Nations Peoples through paintings by artist Chris Hopkins from the private collection of the Kovalik Family. Hopkins is an award winning artist and illustrator whose paintings offer a visual narrative of the proud NW Coast Native American history, in both legend and contemporary portraiture. Alongside portraits of prominent chiefs and matriarchs, outstanding Native artists and performers, will be traditional works created by tribal artisans including 3D artwork by David Boxley, NW Coast Tsimshian carver and culture bearer.

CLICK HERE to view additional artwork by Chris Hopkins

Artist Statement from Chris Hopkins

It has been a regional journey of discovery involving the first people to inhabit this part of the world. These are people whose culture is rich with history, mythologies art, music, rituals and the good and the bad that have shaped those who have inhabited this area for thousands of years. Their story is one of a way of life that was forever altered and derailed. Faced with such upheaval and calamity  the respective First Nations cultures teetered on the brink of extinction only to survive and rise from the ashes like the mythical Phoenix. As a result of the efforts of tribal Culture Bearers and all of those who love and take pride in their history and ancestry the First Nations Cultures thrive apart from, but also part of, and in tune with our current world.

"Trail of Cedar Stone and Canvas" part of the Kovalik family collection is a visual narrative of that rich history and it's journey as well as a tribute to those who preserve the history and enrich the culture in these contemporary times.

Chief Legaic Tsimshian by Chris Hopkins