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Scholastic Art Awards

National Scholastic Art & Writing Awards

Last year, the Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, the nation's longest-running (since 1923) and most prestigious recognition program for creative teens in grades 7-12, received nearly 320,000 works of art and writing for adjudication from regional affiliates, including the Schack Art Center in Everett.

This program gives thousands of students throughout America the opportunity to broaden their creative horizons while earning local and national recognition. The objective is to foster the confidence of young artists and give them the opportunity to be recognized for their creative achievements by the world at large. The Alliance also partners with art institutes, colleges, and universities to earmark scholarships for college-bound Scholastic Awards recipients.

Congratulations to the three Snohomish County students who received National Medals for their entries in the 2020 Scholastic Art & Writing Awards.

-Tessa Fleming, Edmonds-Woodway High School, won a Silver Medal in Sculpture for her piece Involuntary Consumer.

-Angie Kim, Kamiak High School, won a Silver Medal in Art Portfolio for her portfolio, Displays with Emotion.

-Sophia RennertSnohomish High School, won a Gold Medal and American Visions Medal in Photography for her piece, Eggs.

About the 2020 Regional Scholastic Art Awards

Schack Art Center first presented the Scholastic Art Awards in January 1996, spearheaded as a grassroots effort by educator and artist, Susan Jane Russell and a handful of Snohomish County Teachers. In the twenty-two years since then, student entries have more than quadrupled and the regional awards have brought thousands of our community's young artist's local and national recognition. Participation in this program continues to provide a powerful tool for building community, advocating art education, and fostering the creativity of emerging talents.

Student artists have few opportunities for public recognition. However, through this event, the works of Snohomish County middle and high school youth are presented to a broad audience in a professional gallery exhibit complete with a public "Meet the Artists" reception and awards ceremony.

Regional Scholastic Sponsors

City of Everett Cultural Arts Commission
H'Arts Patrons
Wells Fargo

2020 Regional Winner Galleries

American Visions

Gold Key

Silver Key

Honorable Mention

One of our judges, Julie Perrine, left us with some wise words to share with the students. She said, "I am impressed with each student that took the time to submit his or her own artwork for consideration. I would encourage each one of you to continue working to push yourself beyond your own comfort zone, to find your voice, and make each piece of artwork your own. It is brave for you to have the confidence to submit your work for others to see, regardless of the outcome; I encourage you to continue expressing yourself through your artwork. Thank you for sharing it with us."


American Vision Nominees/Best of Show Recipients

Everett H.S.   Katy Peters

Glacier Peak H.S.  Amelia Ebling  

Kamiak H.S.  Riley Cooke, Antonio Mejia Wolf

Snohomish H.S.  Sophia Rennert


Gold Key Recipients

Cascade H.S.  Emelia Feldman

Edmonds Woodway H.S.  Tessa Fleming, Giselle Iseli

Everett H.S.  Nghi Ly, Angelina Mckelvie, Maya Morris, Katy Peters (2)

Glacier Peak H.S.  Amelia Ebling, Cecily Jones, Angie Rengach

Harbour Pointe M.S.  Elizabeth Chuesh

Henry M Jackson H.S.  Yeeun Kim, Catherine Nguyen

J Art Academy  Annette Lee, Susanna Lee (2), Olivia Pak (3), Seoeun Song

Kamiak H.S.  Seanna Brown, Riley Cooke, Ella Johnson, Angie Kim (7), Edward Lee (2), Ambrose Leiske, Eleena McRae, Antonio Mejia Wolf (2), Elivia Nelson, Jacob (Cobi) Stancik, David Wells, Dascha Wright

Lynnwood H.S.  Hannah Tang

Mariner H.S.  Vanessa Lombos, Layla Owens

Meadowdale H.S.  Maia Aikens

Monroe H.S.  Benson Boone, Liliya Smirnova

Mountlake Terrace H.S.  Clare Kaiyala

North Creek H.S.  Maya Bingham, Juliette Park

Sky Valley Education Center  Jerrilyn Brower (2), Jack Gardner, Elsie Hill, Zach Speer

Snohomish H.S.  Kyle Forstie, Anisa Jacobson, Dakotah Kjelland, Sophia Rennert

Stanwood M.S.  Kayla McNeill (2)

The Art Workshop  Leo McLean


Silver Key Recipients

Arlington H.S.  Sage Hartman, Darby Kikuchi

Cascade H.S.  Emelia Feldman, Joey Mccracken (2)

Edmonds Woodway H.S.  Phillip Borcher, Giselle Iseli (2), Aubrey Nickle

Glacier Peak H.S.  Maia Adams, Tesfaye Baughn, Katie Clark, Amelia Ebling (2), Reed Geiger, McKenna Meyer, Angie Rengach (3)

Harbour Pointe M.S.  Amirah Cullen (2), Joanna Lee

Henry M Jackson H.S.  Alexis Kang, Catherine Nguyen

Home School-Lekhy  Leo McLean

J Art Academy  Jonghun Lee

Kamiak H.S.  Riley Cooke, Daniela Garcia, Jennifer Han (2), Abby Kizziar (2), Edward Lee, Ambrose Leiske, Antonio Mejia Wolf (2), Joselin Mendoza, Elivia Nelson, Jacob (Cobi) Stancik (2), Jaeden Tongco, Emelia Toom, David Wells, Dascha Wright

Legacy H.S.  Irista Reeves (2), Clarame Wykes

Lincoln Hill H.S.  Austin Woodruff

Mariner H.S.  Michelle Elizarraras, Frodis Johnston

Marysville M.S.  Alexandra Munoz (2)

Meadowdale H.S.  Maia Aikens (2)

Monroe H.S.  Benson Boone, Dexter Cummings, Araceli Puga

Mountlake Terrace H.S.  Clare Kaiyala

North Creek H.S.  Melika Arvan

Sky Valley Education Center  Jack Gardner, Avery Vermeulen

Snohomish H.S.  Calais DePue, Devin Grimm, Coleston Jones, Elise McIntyre, McKayla Soren, Mason Thompson

Stanwood H.S.  Madisyn Conrad, Samantha Fozard, Hailey Logan, Reyonna Melton

Stanwood M.S.  Zia Fackenthall, Kayla McNeill

Voyager M.S.  Giovanni Chavarin, Alex Krykun, Lucy Nguyen, Melissa Rosales-Alfaro, Sofia Volchkova

YJ Art Academy  David Kim


Honorable Mention Recipients

Arlington H.S.  Sierra Hoekema, Darby Kikuchi

Cascade H.S.  Joey Mccracken, Lili Wunderling

Edmonds Woodway H.S.  Giselle Iseli, Aubrey Nickle (4), Nahome Yohannes

Everett H.S.  Daisy Carmona, Anna Erickson (3), Yadira Vazquez-Cruz, Anna Wylie

Glacier Peak H.S.  Zoe Arnott, Alison Behunin, Trent Brown, Katie Clark, Amelia Ebling, Dina Gamous, Reed Geiger, Alexis George, Rachel Platteborze, Erin Rapp, Paramvir Singh, Marin Waldo

Harbour Pointe M.S.  Elizabeth Chuesh, Amirah Cullen, Joanna Lee, Jasmine Medrano, Elizabeth Morin, Maggie Warme

Henry M Jackson H.S.  Alexis Kang, Kira Kuhne, Catherine Nguyen

Home School (Lekhy)  Amiya McLean (3)

Home School (Xia)  Eric Xia

J Art Academy  Susanna Lee

Kamiak H.S.  Grace Alexander, William Fischer, Jasper Gan, Daniela Garcia, Marissa Gubbels, Alyssa Kim, Angie Kim (2), Abby Kizziar, Munira Kurbanova (2), Cindy Liang, Emily Luong, Antonio Mejia Wolf, Amanda Rawlins, Jacob (Cobi) Stancik (3), Jaeden Tongco, Emelia Toom (2), Natalie Toom, Gaia Yun

Lincoln Hill H.S.  Austin Woodruff

Lynnwood H.S.  Julisa Garcia-Ruiz

Mariner H.S.  Maria Guzman, Mikayla Pham

Marysville Getchell H.S.  Carlie Burns, Angel Segura

Marysville Pilchuck H.S.  Kelsey Edge

Meadowdale H.S.  Maia Aikens (4)

Monroe H.S.  Hadden Comer, Zoe Harper, Malia Lapanja, Ryan Lynch, Nina-Kamea Nickel, Jessie Wiles

Mountlake Terrace H.S.  Annabelle Driscoll

North Creek H.S.  Melika Arvan (2), Emily Basom, Haley Drew, Bella Marafioti, Daeton Oclaray, Emma Pulsipher, Sydney Wright

Olympic View M.S.  Rhianna Elmore

Sky Valley Education Center  Esther Dreewes (2), Jack Gardner, Keegan Raub, Tavish Raub

Snohomish H.S.  Layton Gaskins, Morgan Greenway, Devin Grimm, Coleston Jones, McKayla Kantak, Kaitlin Knudson, Ethan Miller, Ava Murray, Rebecca Price (2), Sydney Salsbury, Gloria Santti, Keira Schroeder, Dominic Smith, Mason Thompson (2)

Stanwood H.S.  Teanna Holsey, Reyonna Melton, Lee Riche

Stanwood M.S.  Ruby Bollinger, Kayla McNeill

Studio S Fine Arts  Tristen Lee

Valley View M.S.  Brooke Hoiland, Jaxon Lara, Nydia Lazik, Collin Menehan (2)

Voyager M.S.  Mayah Davenport, Ken Hattori, Sebastian Santiago-Mendoza, Will Sarmiento, Frederick Sharkevich, Kenny Tran, Sofia Volchkova

YJ Art Academy  David Kim

Online Galleries

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