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Emerging Young Artists' Gallery

Our Emerging Young Artists' Gallery (also referred to as "EYA") is a dedicated gallery space for the emerging young artists in Snohomish County. This gallery can accommodate individual classes or student groups featuring 30 to 200 pieces of student artwork.

Provided through generous support of Hap & Clay Wertheimer 

All student exhibits are in the EYA gallery unless otherwise noted. 

Art Around the World and Tree-munity

May 24 - August 27

Untitled by Edwin A- Emerson Elementary


Art Around the World

Kindergarten through fifth-grade students at Emerson Elementary School in Everett, WA participate in weekly art classes with the art teacher, Marina Miri. Each week, students explore a variety of mediums and techniques. Emerson Elementary is fortunate to have Marina as a full-time art teacher.

This year at Emerson students embarked on a journey around the world. Young artists explored the unique and amazing world that we live in and share with other living things. While learning about the different regions of the world, students created pieces of artwork based on the region’s landscapes, animals, famous artists and artworks, as well as ancient traditions found in each region. They incorporated elements and principles of art into their work. Sometimes the students paused their travels and relaxed by creating personal art from their own interests and topics they selected.



Nice Tree by Princess G - Hawthorne Elementary

Artwork created by Delta Kids, 1st and 3rd grade Students at Hawthorne Elementary School, Everett WA

Thanks to the generous support of the community, Delta Kids brings art and creativity to children by providing art supplies and a series of artistic projects and activities to the first and third grade students at Hawthorne Elementary School.  Funded by the Delta Neighborhood Association, the Everett Arts Commission and with special support from the Schack Art Center, these children have the chance to express their unique artistic voice through a range of mediums.    These “tree-munity” paintings are the fruit of a collaboration between these incredible students, Myriam Ouyessad’s book The Magical Tree: A Children’s Book Inspired by Gustav, and the incredible generosity of Mari Atkinson’s teaching.  Mari presented a lesson to the third graders inspired by Gustav Klimt’s Tree of Life, sharing details of the artist’s life and exploring the symbolism inherent in his and other artists’ paintings.

We practiced sketching birds and when it was time to paint, we expressed our emotions in glorious gold.  We included our symbolic bird and chose embellishments to represent parts of our personality, our family, our friends; our entire “Tree-munity”.