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Emerging Young Artists' Gallery

Our Emerging Young Artists' Gallery (also referred to as "EYA") is a dedicated gallery space for the emerging young artists in Snohomish County. This gallery can accommodate individual classes or student groups featuring 30 to 200 pieces of student artwork.

Provided through generous support of Hap & Clay Wertheimer 

All student exhibits are in the EYA gallery unless otherwise noted. 

Current Student Exhibit

Sumi Ink Painting

September 17th-November 1, 2020

Youth from Denney Juvenile Justice Center and the Cocoon House UTturn

After viewing videos of accomplished Eastern calligraphers at work, looking at paper examples and watching live demonstrations, students at Denney Juvenile Justice Center worked with Henri Wilson and Pat Nostrand to create their own sumi paintings.

Later, Wilson and Mary Peterson shared the process with the youth at the Cocoon House UTurn, a drop in center for homeless youth.

This exhibit features a sampling of the students' works.

Lead Instructor, Henri Wilson.

Upcoming Exhibit: Color Quilt, exploring emotions through color studies

Artist Wassily Kandinsky said, “color is a power which directly influences the soul.”

Students used this idea as a starting point for their pieces. Submissions explore emotions through the use of color. 

These artworks create a giant, collaborative “quilt” in our Emerging Young Artist Gallery. This exhibit will accompany our Little/BIG exhibit. Pieces will be on display November 19th-December 28th. 

Pieces were created by Kindergarten through 12th grade students.