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Save 10% on Red & Pink Items

Mug by Dinah Steveni

Red, it's the color of love, passion, fire, and now...savings! From February 1 - 14 save 10% on any red or pink artwork in the Schack Shop.

Whether you looking for a pair of red, heart earrings by Carol Rose Dean or a blown glass heart by Dehanna Jones, you'll save 10% on the perfect gift for your Valentine.

And, as always our Patron Members will receive an additional 10% on top of their everyday discount on red or pink purchases.

Featured Artist: Joanne Shellan

A Drift of Excited Leaves by Joanne Shellan

The Schack Shop is excited to feature the acrylic paintings by Joanne Shellan through February 2014.

Artist Statement

I want to tell you a story that holds your interest and keeps your attention inside the four walls of that story for as long as possible. I want to give you enough of that story to piqué your interest but not over-burden you with details. My tools are the four edges of my canvas, my paints and brushes, my photographs, my emotions, and all the skills of my trade. If I can pull you into my story, then mission accomplished.

The art of painting is endlessly interesting to me. As I build up years as an artist, I have more tools in my toolbox to help me realize my ideas on canvas. Where I used use my photographs as reference material, I now insert them into the layers of paint like pages of a book. I love working my paint to get unusual effects. I sand it, spatter it, pour it and rub it as I try to create unusual and abstract backgrounds. I like to paint an impressionistic scene or figure that emerges from those abstract backgrounds.

Paying attention to what’s important and letting go of all the clutter is how I think meaningful paintings are born. Looking inside to clarify my core values and then imagining it in visual form is my biggest challenge and what keeps me coming back again and again to the easel.

Interested in exhibiting in our Shop?

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