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Marita Dingus and Hoa Hong

January 16 – February 22

Main Gallery

Explore the work of mixed media artist Marita Dingus and figurative painter Hoa Hong.

Elizabeth Kincaid

Watercolors That Dance With Light

November 14 – January 31

A show in our Mezzanine Gallery featuring the works of artist and author, Elizabeth Kincaid.

Upcoming Exhibit

Currents 2020

NWDC Exhibit and Symposium

March 5 – April 11

Currents 2020, featuring the Northwest Designer Craftsmen, celebrates excellence in craft and design and explores current and continuing trends in craft making, while highlighting the individual artists.

Upcoming Exhibit

Story Tellers; Two Friends, Two Cultures

Featuring David Boxley and Chris Hopkins

April 25 – June 13

Main Gallery

This exhibit brings together two good friends, David Boxley and Chris Hopkins, from very different backgrounds and cultures, but who speak with one voice using the common language of art to communicate a story that is uniquely American.

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